Livelink eSign Validation

Livelink eSign™ integrates new electronic signature, workflow, auditing and security features with Livelink's collaborative capabilities. Livelink eSign™ is the first solution to give companies a uniform electronic process for managing legally binding e-signatures to key documents and records across a large enterprise. 

Equipped with over 10 years of experience and specialization in regulated business processes, our skilled team of Livelink eSign validation professionals can provide your organization with innovative and streamlined alternatives to industry standards.

USDM has been successful across many Livelink eSign validation projects around the globe and our best-in-class validation services coupled with proven and effective methodologies can give your organization the competitive advantage it needs to thrive in today's regulated environment.


  • Clintrak - Jeffrey D. Coffin
    I have had the great pleasure to work with Bob for 5 years in his position of VP of Quality at Fisher Packaging Services while I acted as Director of Quality services at a sister…
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