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USDM Life Sciences

Life Sciences Accelerated! We are a global firm with more than 20 years of experience offering bold solutions that accelerate innovation and compliance in the life science industry. Our ability to explore and utilize the latest trends in technology while charting a map for our customers to remain compliant is a key differentiator in this heavily regulated industry.

We are ex-FDA regulation gurus and techno-geeks who combine to form innovative teams that transform how life science firms operate. Our philosophy is proactivity, simplicity, standardization, process excellence, and reusability.

Choose your path. Connect with us, talk to us, learn how we live and breathe “Life Sciences Accelerated!”

Livelink Review Manager Validation

Livelink Review Manager™ for Acrobat® adds Adobe® Acrobat® review and comment features and capabilities to Livelink®. With Livelink Review Manager for Acrobat, Livelink users can add comments and make text and graphic markups to documents from within Livelink, without compromising the integrity of the original document. 

Using the features of Adobe Acrobat, Livelink users can perform online reviews of PDF documents and PDF renditions of documents in other formats by selecting Review and Comment from the document's Functions menu. Each user's comments are stored in a separate Comments file that is associated with the original document. Livelink users who have the appropriate permissions can view all reviewers' comments in Adobe Acrobat.

Equipped with over 10 years of experience and specialization in regulated business processes, our skilled team of Livelink Review Manager validation professionals can provide your organization with innovative and streamlined alternatives to industry standards.

USDM has been successful across many Livelink Review Manager validation projects around the globe and our best-in-class validation services coupled with proven and effective methodologies can give your organization the competitive advantage it needs to thrive in today's regulated environment.


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