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Regulatory Compliance for Life Sciences

Compliance Wellness

How would you like to feel at ease that your compliance program is fully compliant that there aren’t any details that may have been overlooked by your team? At the simplest level, your GxP employee training is up to date, GxP procedures are being followed, CAPAs are being closed out in a timely manner, and system changes follow change management. Essentially, you would know that you are going to pass an Agency inspection with flying colors. But, what if you could also know that your compliance program is operating at peak performance? You had a report that you could share with senior management that would benchmark your compliance program against other compliance programs around metrics such as change controls, CAPAs, Complaints, etc. And, that you could identify areas of improvement such as risk management, technology, process improvements.

“Compliance Wellness” at USDM means proactively managing risk to ensure resources are aligned, maximizing profitability and minimizing regulatory exposure simultaneously. USDM’s Compliance Wellness division has the mission to transform compliance in life sciences companies from GOOD to GREAT.

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