CRM Validation

Some companies struggle with how to approach the validation of life sciences applications built on a platform that includes both controlled and uncontrolled content. Most CRMs allow you to deploy an independent web application front end for regulated processes.  As long as there is a clear separation between controlled (validated) and non-controlled environments, the two environments can co-exist and remain compliant, provided the application is supported by a qualified platform and under change control. The validation itself would be limited to the controlled environment.  This architecture model offers both flexibility and control and can reduce validation / change control scope depending upon the deployment model.
Our skilled team of validation professionals can provide your organization with innovative and streamlined alternatives to setting up and validating your CRM solution to maximize business value and provide the right amount of validation. You can further speed up the validation process with a USDM Validation Accelerator Pak (VAP), such as our Cloud Assurance VAP for Salesforce that can be found on the App Exchange.