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Salesforce for GxP Applications

Salesforce for GxP ApplicationSalesforce and the Salesforce platform is powerful and is no longer just for CRM. With competitive licensing costs and an engaging interface, and with many companies already utilizing Salesforce, there is a compelling case for extending its reach within your organization. Now that Life Science companies are becoming more comfortable with cloud applications for managing GxP data, why not leverage Salesforce for GxP business processes?  

USDM Life Sciences can help companies leverage and deploy Salesforce for GxP applications.  

With the help of USDM, Salesforce can become a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform. Our Cloud Assurance offerings provide Life Science organizations with everything they need to qualify Salesforce and maintain a validated state with every update and release. USDM’s Cloud Assurance aligns with Salesforce releases and qualifies those releases before they are deployed. USDM also performs an annual audit of Salesforce. Download our case study to learn more about USDM Cloud Assurance and see how we've created a seamless process for keeping you compliant.

Once the Salesforce platform is qualified, you can launch a variety of workflows or applications. Download our case study to learn how we saved a large medical device manufacturer time and licensing fees by moving GxP processes from TrackWise to Salesforce.

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To learn more or schedule a demo, contact us at usdm@usdm.com