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UDI is Paradigm Shift for Healthcare

It is a new year and the healthcare world is ever evolving. The UDI Rule is in progress with manufacturers working to comply including submitting information to the GUDID. Meaningful Use Stage 3 was presented in October indicating the EHR software is to be capable of accepting the UDI. Use of the UDI within the healthcare provider is gaining adoption through means of software providers, clinicians, supply chain and information technology. The metadata associated with the use of the UDI is becoming more apparent and open for discussion on how to best manage and utilize the information.

The metadata will be collected from multiple systems across an organization using key terms to synchronize the data and generate meaningful reports in regards to purchase history, recalls, patient outcomes and reimbursement.

All that we do in regards to use of the UDI is patient safety focused. The paradigm shift requires implementation of a strategy by segment bringing together the stakeholders, discussing the influences, testing and proving the concept is possible to implement.

USDM Life Sciences offers healthcare a comprehensive assessment, strategy and solutions to implement end to end traceability of pharmaceutical and medical devices from point of receipt through to the electronic health record.


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