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Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Compliant Solutions and Services in IoT and IoMT

IoMT is the Internet of Medical Things. IoMT represents medical devices and applications that connect to IT systems through online computer networks, allowing for machine to machine communication.

The integration possibilities are endless.  For example, many medical devices can monitor a patient’s condition or care.  With IoMT, all the data collected by those devices can automatically be sent to IT systems for all sorts of uses.  Some common uses are automatic notification of a physician about a patient’s declining health and instant alerts to service technicians about a failing part.  Imagine what the technology could do for your company’s medical devices.

Understanding the regulatory landscape, complexities of the data and the systems is of the utmost importance. The technology is amazing and revolutionary and companies that have the right technology and the right partners to help them will be poised for success.

USDM Life Sciences gives medical device companies the edge they need to embrace and adopt a compliant connected device strategy. Whether your company is new to connected devices or has an existing IoT strategy, USDM works with you in all stages of the journey. We help meet and maintain compliance and foster an environment of innovation.


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