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Staffing Model


We enjoy a very high percentage of repeat business from highly satisfied customers who have had an exceptional experience with our manufacturing validation/compliance services. This is a true testament to the high quality and capabilities of our organization.

Key components of our staffing model, which is a key factor behind the long-term relationships we have forged with our  clients include:

Resource Request

  • Defines clients' needs
  • Aligns USDM internally to clients' needs
  • Critical for resource planning, assignment and re-deployment

Best-fit philosophy

  • Our talent acquisition model focuses on hiring  only the top 10% in the industry
  • We staff our projects with a mix of resources with the right skill-set and experience levels resulting in the most cost-effective project team
  • The "best-fit" philosophy ensures that our projects are positioned for a successful outcome

Long-Term Relationships

We emphasize long-term relationships with our clients as well as our employees.

Our emphasis with our clients is on being your trusted advisor/ compliance partner with emphasis on long term relationship, not maximizing profit on a single project.

We are a career based company not a transactional professional services firm who hires staff on an engagement or project basis. We are proud to offer our employees a career, not just a job; a place  where they can continue to be challenged and experience training and continued emphasis on their professional growth and development. This translates into a lower than industry turnover rate, a high degree of continuity and value for all parties –USDM, our employees and our clients.

  • USDM benefits from lower costs for recruiting and training
  • Our employees benefit from enjoying employment continuity and security which allows them to concentrate on honing and applying their technical skills
  • Our clients benefit from continuity of known performers and peace of mind that resources will not "jump ship" in the middle of a critical project



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