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More and more life sciences companies are moving their legacy systems to the Cloud. Learn why you should consider moving your QMS to the Cloud, the benefits regulated life sciences organizations are seeing with their cloud-based QMS and critical insights learned from actual life science QMS projects.

The discussion will include:
  • Why you need to digitally transform your QMS
  • Benefits of moving to a cloud-based QMS
  • How to select the right QMS for your business
  • Lessons learned from hundreds of QMS projects
  • Live Q & A

About the Presenters:
Vishal Sharma

Vice President of Digital Trust and Transformation As Vice President of Digital Trust and Transformation for USDM, Vishal develops core competencies around business/digital transformation using new and emerging technologies available in the market place to help Life Sciences customers achieve high impact business outcomes.

Paul Sanderson
Paul Sanderson

Manager, Solutions Engineering at ComplianceQuest As a Solutions Engineer, Paul has worked with hundreds of companies, exploring their unique requirements to recommend appropriate, problem-solving, QMS solutions.

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