The USDM Validation Accelerator Pack (VAP) takes care of the core platform. Beyond that, specific configuration and customization will be related to your company and your own use cases and requirements. By creating new scripts as necessary or modifying existing ones, those requirements are added to the preexisting requirements in the VAP. Although it is not possible to anticipate a specific company’s requirements in a VAP, we do qualify that platform and add in the necessary pieces.

The USDM Life Sciences Cloud Assurance Validation Accelerator provides the components required to meet FDA regulatory requirements including 21 CFR Part 11. For more information visit:

USDM Life Sciences specializes in providing answers and solutions for life sciences companies looking to move their software and servers to the Cloud. In fact, many of the largest software and hardware companies in the world come to USDM Life Sciences for best practices in the Cloud. As a recognized global leader in life sciences compliance, USDM Life Sciences Cloud Solutions and Services provide security, lower costs and ensure compliance.

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