The most effective way to maintain data security is with data encryption. Data encryption is the process of turning data into a secret code so third parties can’t read it, unless they are authorized. Data is usually encrypted using an algorithm. Any unauthorized party who sees the data won’t be able to determine its contents without an encryption key, which many of us refer to as a password. If someone does gain unauthorized access to your data, encryption will ensure it is not readable.

A critical part of data encryption is encryption key management. Secure key management solutions are the only way to use the Cloud securely and maintain compliance with government regulations, such as HIPAA.

USDM Life Sciences specializes in providing answers and solutions for life sciences companies looking to move their software and servers to the Cloud. In fact, many of the largest software and hardware companies in the world come to USDM Life Sciences for best practices in the Cloud.  As a recognized global leader in life sciences compliance, USDM Life Sciences’ cloud solutions provide security, lower costs and ensure compliance.

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