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The Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS) in Baton Rouge is one of the largest healthcare systems in Louisiana. Bill Mosser, VP of Materials Management brings years of experience to reshape healthcare delivery 'Strategically, our healthcare supply chain leaders are continually challenged by changing environments. It's important that we open our minds to ideas and solutions that have been successful in other industries. In that regard, collaboration with those from outside our own organization offers opportunity for open discussion and learning, understanding the views of our cohorts and building relationships with partners focused on common goals and outcomes’.

Their warehouse and truck delivery network, Logistics One, is a new supply distribution center to provide more efficient delivery for five hospitals and other healthcare organizations across Louisiana, significantly reducing hospital traffic from trucks and vendors to one visit. Its inventory management technology provides real-time flow of information to ensure next-day delivery for the most common supplies stocked in healthcare settings, reducing the demand for storage space. Logistics One is the result of partnership with ROi, the supply chain solution founded by the Sisters of Mercy Health headquartered in St. Louis, bringing together two health systems with similar missions and values. Bill Mosser, VP Materials Management led the team for FMOL HS and estimates it will reduce spending on supplies by two to four percent over the next 24 months (supplies and medications represent approximately 20 percent of costs in a typical hospital).

Mosser recognizes the supply chain plays a critical role to meet the challenge of quality patient care with innovation, stepping out of traditional service lines. To that end he championed work within the Pharmacy Department’s 19 inpatient, clinic and retail pharmacies throughout Louisiana to implement efficient supply chain solutions including a program for compliance with the FDA’s implementation of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). As the practice of pharmacy focuses on competing priorities in providing clinical support, delivery of medications and ever increasing standards and regulations from the DEA, State Boards of Pharmacy, USP and JC, the supply chain demands to comply with 340B regulations and now compliance with new FDA regulations adds to the growing management burden. Mosser and his team led by Lakisha Bowie brought in training, rolled up their sleeves to evaluate current policies and built new processes with the pharmacy to align at the enterprise level and follow the successful model in FMOL HS Materials Management. In meeting the DSCSA regulation, a compliance assessment strategy continues to fill the gaps in offering further electronic efficiencies and traceability of product information for patient safety. So what’s next? Mosser and his team will extend further successful projects at Logistics One to Pharmacy to support challenges in critical shortages, procure-to-pay, and the ultimate goal of perfect order. Allowing the pharmacy to focus on their clinical support of patient care, supply chain partnerships are critical to a successful program.

DSCSA Requirement        Activity Description                                                                 
Authorization- Check  supplier license and expiration
  • New Vendor Letter and Survey
  •  Authorized Supplier Listing maintained on SharePoint (compliance, ability to correct T3 and electronic/ ASN capability)
Verification- Inspection, T3 match and Store T3
  • Draft GDP Policy
  • Training/Communication Plan (internal and external)
  • Shared Data Retention Folders
DSCSA Compliance Implementation Plan Weekly Meetings
  • T3 Compliance
  • Audits (TBD every month to visit each location at least 2x/year)
  • Impact- Dispenser-to-dispenser transactions (Product Recall Process)
Improved Process-T3 Electronic System (Not required until 2017 however paper burden at 27 pharmacy control points =  3+FTEE for the enterprise)
  • Electronic Transaction Vendor Requirements Building, Selection
Master Data Management Relating T3 Master Data (build a Pharmacy Item Master)

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