At some point in the future when a product is no longer distributed, the medical device company will need to put a commercial distribution end date into the Global UDI Database (GUDID).  The product’s data will still reside in the database, but a flag will be set to let people know this product is no longer in distribution.  The product may still be in the supply chain and people may still own it, but medical device companies are required to add a date of when the product is no longer being distributed.

USDM Life Sciences will help you assess, plan and execute the changes and enhancements necessary to meet  UDI regulations. Our team of UDI experts will assess your products, the markets where they are sold and determine an implementation strategy for the changes that need to be made. USDM's assessment methodology is extensive and includes the labels and packaging, the management of identification changes to each product, the changes to PLM, ERP, EPCIS and packaging systems, changes to printing, vision inspection and warehouse/inventory management systems and interfaces to the GUDID.

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