Yes, they are documents. They're documents, they're processes, and they're practices that we follow. It's a set of items that you would get from USDM Life Sciences. For the following 12 months, you get the updates to all of the releases included in that VAP. It's a set of documents and a set of processes that go along with it. That can either stand-alone that you do yourselves, or you can engage us to complete them for you. Even the actual subscription piece for the 12 months, we can actually even execute the scripts that may or may not be needed depending on what's being brought up by that particular release. We can even execute them for you, so you can have a completely fire and forget compliance process for your cloud system if you want to.

The USDM Life Sciences Cloud Team is the one you can trust when looking to move applications and business processes to the Cloud. Our team of cloud experts understand compliance, validation, implementation, mobile, data security, data migration, and system integration, and we ensure that leading cloud vendors meet and maintain compliance regulations around the globe.

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