You’ve probably heard about people getting unauthorized access to a company’s data. If you have your own servers or use a third party data center, all your data resides in one place or cluster. If a security breech happens and a hacker obtains access to your systems, they can usually get their hands on all of your data. In the cloud, your data is segmented into multiple servers around the country or even the world. Gaining access to all your data in the cloud is much more difficult than if it were stored in one system. This means that if a criminal gains access to your sensitive information in the cloud, they would only get a small amount of data.

Cloud Security for Life Sciences Organizations

The USDM Life Sciences Cloud Team is the one you can trust when looking to move applications and business processes to the cloud. Our team of cloud experts understands compliance, validation, implementation, mobile, data security, data migration, and system integration, and we ensure that leading cloud vendors meet and maintain compliance regulations around the globe.

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