The best way to eliminate unwanted activities or distractions is to develop a list of “norms” at the project kick-off meeting. The “norms” are a list of expectations of how you expect the team members to engage. For example, if you decide you don't want instant messages or text messages as a form of communication, you make it a rule. If you want communication to be in the form of an email, then you make it a rule. Rules of engagement should be created as a team because everyone has their own best way to communicate, which should be considered as a team.

USDM Life Sciences Project and Program Management experts are the perfect fit to help guide, lead and support life sciences organizations’ mission-critical project and programs initiatives across highly regulated areas, where compliance, technology and business intersect, to attain desired business results. USDM’s Project and Program Management Services and Solutions team can provide all of the required services needed to successfully manage your projects, your programs and your portfolio with consistent and standardized methods, processes and principles.

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