It really depends on how many users you're looking at and some of the complexities with your environment and requirements. As far as line items, you're going to be looking at the field service application licensing. We have to get the application into our environment -- into the user's hands. How many people do we have? That is going to be one dollar amount.

Then you've got the implementation services. Those, you can imagine, vary quite a bit depending on, again, the size of your service organization and some of the various requirements that you have with your different field service processes. Those implementation services are also going to include the initial validation that we would perform. Again, it's all one professional service number. Then, you've got the subscription for the ongoing validation documentation that USDM provides with each seasonal release. Those are the ways we would just provide a high level breakout for the different costs involved.

As far as the timeline, what we're seeing out there is an average of 3 to 6 months to implement a validated field service application. Again, the timelines can go up or down based on a couple of things. Most often it's around data migration. How much data are we starting with? Do you have years and years of field service history that we need to bring in and make that available within ServiceMax. If yes, that's just going to take a little bit more time.

Also integration. ServiceMax is built on a platform which is extremely open, and it's not hard to tie in to other systems like your ERP, a complaint management system. But, it's just those things need to be thought about and brought into the project. You can, like I said, depending on the complexity, either lower that amount of time or extend it out a little bit.

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