We are all using cloud applications for various processes throughout our organizations. Whether it's web access to our email, a cloud platform to manage sales, marketing, and service, or separate cloud apps for things like project management, content management, or eSignature. This is not exactly hot-off-the-press news! What is new, is the ease with which we can use various cloud platforms together – sharing data, automating tasks, and producing key metrics at each step of the process.   

Yes, integration tools and platforms have been around for a while to share data but today, with pre-configured connectors, web forms, and "drag and drop" interfaces, the availability and possibilities are reaching new and exciting levels to do much more than just pass data back and forth. Imagine having an update or action in one system, kickoff a process in another system. We also have the ability to measure and report on the various actions between these systems. Want to know how many documents have been sent out of your document management system and are awaiting eSignature? Want to know how long it takes to go from one step to the next? We now have this information at our fingertips.   

When implementing workflow in the Life Sciences industry, there are additional requirements around compliance. Not only do supporting systems need to be qualified and/or validated, the workflow itself needs to be validated. With Workflow-as-a-Service (WaaS) you don’t have to worry about keeping the solution in compliance, as USDM fully manages updates and ensures they are in sync with system releases. Any configurations to the workflow are managed under Change Control, and your organizations established Computer System Validation (CSV) processes. All necessary CSV documentation, testing, and approvals are executed prior to the changes go-live.    

Dream big! Imagine any process or workflow integrated across multiple systems, while configurations and compliance are maintained by USDM. All this for only a monthly or yearly fee. Want to add more workflows? Easy. No licenses to buy. No heavy lifting to decommission old systems. You won’t have to deal with implementing new technology, since Workflow-as-as-Service can connect the platforms you already own. Now that you know more about it, what does WaaS really mean to your organization? It means that teams no longer work in silos, cloud applications are fully integrated and working together, with high utilization and levels of user adoption. Now there's a better, easier way to streamline, automate, and measure workflow. You just have to decide to go with WaaS! 

About the Author

Bryan Coddington is the Vice President of Cloud Technology at USDM Life Sciences. For almost a decade, Bryan has been a senior executive in the Cloud space with in-depth knowledge of sales, marketing, and service and support processes and best practices, helping companies maximize their investment in cloud-based CRM applications.

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