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2020 has proven to be a game-changing year for cloud technologies in the life sciences arena. A large number of companies across all areas, including medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech, are all beginning to leverage the power of the cloud.

The release of the FDA's computer software assurance guidance aligns with ramping up cloud use. The pressures Life Sciences companies are facing during the global pandemic, not the least of which is deploying remote workforces, makes now a critical time for cloud and digital transformations in life sciences. 

What we discussed:

  • Cloud usage in Life Sciences
  • New applications for usage
  • Adapting to conducting business in a Covid 19 environment

"for many years, there's been this ingrained belief that innovations such as cloud automation, and moving through into the digital transformation world, would create more owners compliance burdens. As you'll see, as we go through, that's just not the case anymore with the new technologies”
— David Blewitt

About the Speaker:
David Blewitt
David Blewitt

Vice President of Cloud Compliance David is an accomplished life sciences regulatory and IS compliance professional with more than 25 years of experience in the pharma, medical device, biotech, and blood management industries, specifically in the fields of computer systems validation, risk management, quality assurance, software development, product life cycle management, and compliance roadmap development.

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