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On this episode of Life Sciences Accelerated, we invited Vishal Sharma, the VP of Digital Transformation at USDM, and Manu Vohra, the Managing Director of Life Sciences at Box, to talk about content and document management in life sciences.

Vishal develops core competencies using emerging technologies to help customers fast-track their digital transformation and achieve high-impact business outcomes. Manu deploys content management solutions for life sciences while running operations within several IT functions supporting drug discovery to commercialization.

The discussion includes:

  • Why content management is different for regulated companies
  • Evolution of content management in the life sciences
  • How to manage cloud compliance
  • ​How Unify Cloud Compliance addresses life science business needs

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“This continuous state of readiness for regulatory inspection was actually preventing life sciences companies from adopting new emerging technologies.”
— Vishal Sharma


Seamless Content, Quality, and Compliance in the Cloud
In this on-demand webinar, Vishal and Minu discuss a quality suite that addresses content management, document management, training management, and change management in one integrated platform. Click here to watch.

About the Speakers:
Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma

Vice President of Digital Trust and Transformation As Vice President of Digital Trust and Transformation for USDM, Vishal develops core competencies around business/digital transformation using new and emerging technologies available in the market place to help Life Sciences customers achieve high impact business outcomes.

Manu Vohra
Manu Vohra

Managing Director, Life Sciences at Box Manu is the global lead for life sciences and go-to-market strategies for Cloud Content Management at Box.com. With two decades of deploying ECM solutions in a regulated industry, he supports life sciences companies riding the digital transformation wave to fully leverage the micro content services provided by Box.

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