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R&D pressures. Compliance challenges. Digital innovation. Crisis management. We cover it all in this new podcast.

Life Sciences is facing an unprecedented, ever-changing landscape.

While the heroes on the front lines fight back the novel coronavirus face to face, pharma, biotech and med device organizations are fighting different, but vitally important fights behind the scenes to innovate.

Supply demand and R&D pressure for new therapeutics and vaccines are just the tip of the needle. 

We invite you to listen to our new podcast - Life Sciences Accelerated - a show dedicated to the challenges and needs of people within the Life Sciences industry.

Join host Ryan Carmel, Marketing Director at USDM and host of, Life Sciences Accelerated, as he unfurls this new podcast exploring years of experiences, industry-specific challenges, innovative approaches, and more.

Discussions with USDM’s deep bench of technology gurus and compliance experts with decades of experience in the life sciences industry, sharing case studies, lessons learned, expertise, and solutions will be the core of this innovative show.

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EP1: Adapting Computer System Validation to Accommodate Evolving FDA Guidance

EP2: Leveraging the Power of Cloud Based Systems in Life Sciences

EP3: Global UDI and EU MDR Requirements

EP4: GxP Content and Document Management Best Practices


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