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Learn how start-up life sciences companies can achieve continuous GxP cloud compliance

USDM Life Sciences will show emerging companies how to achieve continuous GxP compliance of their cloud applications through USDM’s Cloud Assurance platform. USDM will highlight four case studies of recent Cloud Assurance projects, with companies in various phases of their product development. Learn how existing emerging companies have mitigated regulatory risk, significantly reduced implementation and validation time, and decreased their costs to manage cloud compliance.

The discussion will include:

  • How to rapidly establish GxP compliance with your technology
  • How to move your IT systems from paper to the cloud
  • How to utilize best practice GxP processes and achieve worry-free continuous GxP compliance (including all cloud vendor new releases)
  • How to optimize all your cloud technologies and accelerate your digital transformation
About the Presenter:
Erin Northington
Erin Northington

Vice President of Emerging Life Sciences Erin has two decades of experience in Clinical Applications, Business Relationship Management and Project Management. She also has a background in GCP compliance, vendor evaluation and management, systems validation and implementations, as well as process evaluation and improvement. She specializes in managing global enterprise-wide IT implementations of technology solutions.

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