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This Veeva Video Series is brought to you by USDM compliance and technology experts with decades of experience in the life sciences industry.

They answer common questions about GxP compliance, optimizing your IT roadmap, continuous compliance with Cloud Assurance, and maximizing your ROI for your Veeva investment.

Find out how USDM and Veeva provide an innovative approach for maintaining GxP compliance in the cloud.


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Video 1: GxP Compliance for Veeva Essentials (09:51)
Presented by Roger Davy, Don Zinn, and Chris Merriam-Leith

  • Veeva Essentials: Delivering basic functions faster
  • The ideal candidate for Veeva Essentials
  • Considerations for Veeva’s validation packages
  • USDM’s role in a Veeva Essentials implementation

Video 2: Optimizing Your Veeva IT Roadmap (09:21)
Presented by Roger Davy, Don Zinn, and Hovsep Kirikian

  • Critical systems for early-stage companies
  • Advantages of selecting a common solutions platform
  • Sequence of events: What to implement and when
  • Achieving a successful IT roadmap

Video 3: Continuous Compliance with Cloud Assurance for Veeva (11:14)
Presented by Roger Davy and Fouzia Gadne

  • Challenges of managing cloud vendors
  • Veeva’s approach to managing cloud updates
  • USDM’s role in this partnership
  • USDM Cloud Assurance vs. the do-it-yourself approach

Video 4: Maximizing the ROI of Your Veeva Implementation (8:47)
Presented by Roger Davy and Chris Merriam-Leith

  • Strategies for maximizing ROI for your Veeva investment
  • Benefits of USDM as a validation partner
  • Cost savings of using USDM Cloud Assurance for your Veeva applications
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