by Bob Lucchesi
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Remote audits are the definition of “pivot” for companies that want to qualify vendors and suppliers or gather information required for agency submissions and certifications during the global pandemic.

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The pivot has involved moving to virtual tours, implementing pre-audit documentation reviews, and having vendors scan and upload records for the auditor.

These “new” methods of auditing have been in use for quite some time as alternatives to on-site visits; however, they are now becoming commonplace in the pandemic era. Still, these techniques will continue to be modified to fit the ever-changing environment of social distancing and quarantine orders, and through the use of technologies like electronic/cloud content management systems, secure conference services, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 360-degree view cameras. 

This white paper highlights some of USDM’s experiences and lessons learned from the transition to this remote methodology and nearly a year of conducting virtual audits.

Sneak Peek of the On-Demand Webinar

In our Virtual Audits and Inspections webinar, the discussion included the differences between on-site and virtual audits, what auditors want to see, and forward-thinking ideas about how virtual audits will evolve in the next few years. Click here to access the full-length on-demand webinar.


Click here to access the full-length on-demand webinar.

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