by David Blewitt
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It's difficult for some organizations to adopt a real, useable approach to leveraging vendor documentation and activities to reduce their communication, qualification, and ongoing maintenance burdens. Time and again vendors are selected merely based oninitial cost and time, without considerations given to risk-based factors that could measurably reduce short- and long-term risks and financial burdens, as well as project and live system efficiency.

The intent herein is to give an overview of how to actively utilize your cloud vendor’s expertise and quality management systems and processes in the real world as a true value-add to your implementation project and live system usage. Furthermore, I will answer a common question that I receive – “How can I ensure my cloud system is implemented in a compliant manner and that it is maintained with the constant state of flux in modern cloud services?” Leveraging vendor activities is not merely about reducing your testing burden.

There are many other value-generating benefits to your organization by partnering with the right cloud vendor. Finally, one of the main goals here is to help you identify the types of questions you should be asking yourselves as an organization when identifying your cloud vendors.

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