Achieve continuous compliance of your regulated workloads on Google Cloud Platform

You have ideas and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has the technology to make them happen. Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, GCP has the compute engines, storage capacity, and database solutions to help chart your path to success. GCP also boasts world-class security to reduce risk, options for hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, and straightforward artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. Research from McKinsey predicts companies that fully absorb AI could double their cash flow in the next 10 years; Google Cloud AI can help you integrate AI into your products and enjoy the resulting revenue and efficiency gains.

USDM's Unify Public Cloud delivers an innovative solution to regulated workloads in the public cloud that covers end-to-end technology solutions to transform your regulatory operations from a cost-center to an innovation hub. Our delivery models address SaaS (business applications), PaaS (cloud services), and IaaS (global infrastructure). 

Together, GCP and USDM Life Sciences enable your regulated business to transform GxP workflows in the cloud and maintain continuous compliance.

From your infrastructure to data centers to the platform services and business applications that power your enterprise, GCP and USDM ensure your operation remains secure and continuously compliant with FDA and global regulations.


USDM's Unify Public Cloud solution provides expert compliance services, fast-start accelerators, and validation deliverables based on 20 years of life sciences solution delivery. All these services come wrapped in USDM's Cloud AssuranceTM subscription to manage on-going updates, maintain your compliant-state, and decrease your compliance burdens. By providing a total, continuous, GxP compliant framework for your regulated workload, USDM helps you minimize regulatory risk and maximize productivity.

Read our white paper to learn how to accelerate innovation, improve employee experience, and build operational agility by moving your GxP regulated workloads to the Public Cloud.

This chart shows how Unify Public Cloud supports the compliance requirements of your GCP infrastructure and applications.


By leveraging USDM's decades of life sciences expertise and accelerated cloud services, you can rapidly implement a GxP compliant framework for all layers of your cloud tech stack to generate real business value faster.

Continuous Cloud Compliance

  • Reduce compliance risk by leveraging USDM domain experience
  • Achieve continuous compliance with USDM's framework and accelerators for GCP
  • Expand internal compliance knowledge through increasingly complex projects

Accelerated Cloud Journey

  • Benefit from a structured journey map and assessment to identify strategic business initiatives made possible by GCP
  • Fast-track your innovation with pre-packaged solution built on life sciences best practices
  • Use a flexible cloud adoption model to migrate regulated workloads to Google Cloud based on business priority
  • Scale as your business needs evolve

Realized Business Value

  • Speed up deployment and adoption of GCP
  • Cost-effective, bundled solution to minimize barriers to compliance and innovation
  • Build value-creating activities with GCP, decrease value-consuming activities

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Google Cloud Platform makes your technology and data accessible and easily deployed across your enterprise with public cloud accessibility that delivers services (hardware and software) on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Virtual Infrastructure

  • Prevent unauthorized access from external threats
  • State-of-the-art physical security at data centers
  • Cryptographic signatures ensure no unauthorized changes

Platform Services

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • AI and machine learning

Data Centers

  • 24 regions
  • 73 zones
  • 144 Network Edge locations
  • Available in 200+ countries and territories

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