USDM Life Sciences and ServiceMax deliver a validated, continuously compliant, total solution for field service management.

Companies in the life sciences and medical device industries know that failure to comply with regulations can cost vast amounts of money in fines and lost revenue, and present serious roadblocks to their businesses, including a damaged reputation. Repair and maintenance of medical devices are vital components of the product lifecycle that help retain customers and grow business. Technology supporting aftermarket services must be robust to handle the maintenance of complex medical devices and continuously validated to ensure compliance with FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. USDM Life Sciences and ServiceMax deliver a continuously compliant, total solution. Customers can trust that their field service management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution adheres to industry best practices while maintaining a validated state with a USDM Cloud Assurance subscription.

Achieve Greater Productivity and Revenue Without Compromising Compliance

The ServiceMax platform orchestrates end-to-end field service management processes, including schedule optimization, project scheduling, and crew and shift management. The Service Board scheduling environment improves technician utilization, service efficiency, and your customers’ experiences.

With instant access to entitlement information, your technicians can provide accurate quotes and share new leads with the sales team, who can create offerings and packages specific to their customers.

Purpose-built tools support regulatory compliance, so field service records, quality metrics, photographs, signatures, and analysis are available for reviews and audits.

Complete Visibility of Workforce and Equipment

Do you know your workforce's current status and all of the medical devices you have in the field? ServiceMax tracks your technicians and third-party technicians' skill sets, their work hours and upcoming time off, plus their locations and appointment schedules. It also provides you with the location, service history, and entitlements for every serviceable medical device.

With this visibility, you can ensure that the right technician delivers service at the right time for every medical device in the field.

Improved Employee Productivity with Latest Mobile Tools

Are your field technicians equipped to deliver the best service? To succeed, they need to be prepared to answer any customer questions and deliver a high first-time fix rate. The ServiceMax field service app lets your technicians review equipment history, see IoT data to diagnose equipment failure and get real-time troubleshooting while on the job. When it is time for the customer debrief, ServiceMax creates a proforma invoice with correct entitlements and labor and parts prices. This way, your field engineers spend less time diagnosing problems and filling out paperwork and more time building relationships with your customers, all while complying with regulatory requirements that are validated and maintained by USDM Cloud Assurance.

More Revenue Captured through Service and Upsells

Leading companies are always on the lookout for new revenue models to capitalize on aftermarket services and parts. Digital field service management helps strengthen your customer relationships and deliver more value. When your field technicians know what equipment is under contract and when entitlements expire, they can discuss with customers equipment and service upgrades as well as contract renewal options. Your customers stay satisfied with excellent care, and your technicians return from the field with additional revenue opportunities.

Maintain Continuous Compliance for Digital Records

With digital record keeping, you can be sure that technicians with the right expertise and certifications are dispatched to jobs, that maintenance is provided at the prescribed time, and that all service procedures are completed and recorded. You can even provide detailed, dynamic checklists to confirm that critical steps are taken, and necessary data is captured in the field.

ServiceMax makes service and equipment records available when you need them for reports or audits, and a USDM Cloud Assurance subscription ensures that they are continuously compliant with regulatory requirements and your own specific user requirements.

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