In the highly competitive Medical Device market, time-to-market, compliance, and continual improvement are instrumental.

From design to post market, managing change to the device is critical. A seemingly small process deviation or change to a component can cause major problems such as product quality issues, patient safety, data loss and possible regulatory actions or recalls. Our Medical Device division helps our customers bring their products to market faster, monitor their products in the field, and handle post-market surveillance while addressing a variety of regulatory challenges unique to the Medical Device industry.

We help our customers:

  • Accelerate your Quality System and Compliance effectiveness
  • Accelerate PLM / QMS Integration and Closed Loop Quality
  • Accelerate supply chain with master data management and deployment of enterprise systems
  • Accelerate adoption of Cloud Solutions by implementing intelligent, compliant, digital transformation: reducing paper processes and data center footprint
  • Accelerate your Service Delivery by Managed Services Solutions

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