Organizational Change Management (OCM) is the strategy you employ when your organization is undergoing a transformation that will significantly impact the business, and when the transformation requires significant changes in understanding and behavior to achieve improved performance. 
For example, system users will need to learn new processes and education will be required at various levels. Given sufficient effort and time, you might succeed without an OCM strategy, but it could turn into a painful, drawn out process.
An OCM strategy contributes to your success by maximizing the traction and trajectory of your cloud-based transition. USDM’s OCM focus is to assist your IT organization with adopting a new way of working, along with gaining acceptance for outsourcing IT services across business units.

Creating an Organizational Change Management Strategy

Ultimately, the success of any project depends on the speed and degree in which it is adopted. USDM recognizes that each organization has its own unique character and challenges, which are assessed in the initial planning phase. Our OCM team will orchestrate multiple integrated workstreams to enable organizational and individual change adoption through awareness, understanding, ability, and ownership. USDM designs the following components specifically for your company’s needs.

Stakeholder Impact Analysis

USDM’s Stakeholder Impact Analysis assesses the impact of changes on each of the key stakeholders, identifies expected risks and issues, and recommends mitigation to avoid surprises. We start with identifying individuals or groups who are impacted by the changes or can impact their success, then detail the impact of each stakeholder or group. 
Large enterprises have very different needs than emerging, pre-commercial organizations and each assessment takes a one-of-a-kind approach as unique as your company and stakeholders.

Digitally Enhanced Communications for a Modern World

Change adoption requires communication, but that is increasingly challenging, especially in light of employees working remotely. Most OCM practitioners rely on email and newsletters, with effectiveness ranging from “when I get around to reading it,” to a quick move from the inbox to the trash. What’s frustrating is that those least likely to read these communications are the ones for whom the messages are most important.
USDM embraces digitally enhanced communications, and we use creative videos to entice even the most message-resistant stakeholders. When email is necessary, our practitioners use engaging subject headings, incorporate useful graphics, and target specific days and times for messages to be sent to increase the likelihood that they are received and retained.

Learning Options

Make sure your training efforts are translating to learning. Just as communication should emphasize messages received, we want to ensure understanding and not just instruction. Our approach to learning is designed around stakeholder needs and augmented with eLearning, workshops, and experiential learning.

Employee Involvement Plan

Your work streams will be analyzed to determine what project activities can be used to build awareness and buy-in, and we will involve positive role models who demonstrate commitment to the OCM strategy and will encourage other employees.

Enhanced Change Agent Network

This network involves committed change leaders for major areas within your company who will engage champions and agents to tailor messages to your broader internal audiences. Our OCM team will meet with a designated transformation leader bi-weekly to share plans and deliverables.

Measurable Adoption Metrics

It is critical to track the success of your OCM program along with establishing a clear, singular process for requesting IT service and support. Expectations and outcomes will be shared with your company’s transformation lead and change leads to engage them in change behavior.
Contact us today to discuss a customized program to support your unique people and processes as you embark on organizational change.

OCM for Emerging Companies

Pre-commercial startups are faced with so many competing demands and priorities and have very unique needs. Often these rapidly growing companies lack the resources or technology expertise to move full speed ahead. USDM has helped hundreds of emerging companies with organizational change management to ensure fast and efficient digital transformation.

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