by John Petrakis
Download to continue reading Life Science companies’ use of cloud-based Data Lakes, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) for predictive analytics is changing and growing rapidly.  

Most of us are familiar with chatbots, a type of AI, which are software robots that interact with us by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) as used by Alexa and Siri. A more advanced type of AI is Machine Learning (ML) which uses algorithms to learn from and make predictions on data. ML can be seen as overlapping with computational statistics, predicative analytics, and data mining.  

Another aspect of ML and Deep Learning is Pattern Recognition, which focuses on the recognition of data patterns; Facebook uses this capability. All of these are used today by life sciences companies, and some are supporting GxP functions.

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John M. Petrakis
John M.

Vice President of Cloud Assurance John has over 30 years of diverse global industry experience in business transformation, delivering solutions that addressed regulatory and quality pressures, resource constraints, new and growing markets, system integration and optimization of global operations.

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